GPC aspires for a human centered egalitarian and partifipatory society drawing inspiration from Gandhi Ji based on gender, equity, Dignity, Self-respect and self-reliance in siding with the Antyodayee (Downtrodden, Dalit, and Deprived). GPC’s premise of development is in tune with cultural heritage, sustainability and transparency in harmony with nature.

To create a just and egalitarian society based on the principles expounded by Mahatma Gandhi.


Drawing inspiration from Gandhiji, GPC aspires to achieve the following: -

-Promote people’s organizations of villagers and of marginalized people, empower them in terms of skills and capacities with a special emphasis to Gandhian values and enable them to live a sustainable way of life.

-Enabling self reliance for Antyodayee families by improving their economic conditions and promoting their socio - cultural values.

-Create a society where all people irrespective of their caste, creed, gender and religion will have equal rights and opportunities.

-Preserve and protect the environment for future generation by adopting eco-friendly and sustainable life styles.