About Us


Gandhi Peace Centre (GPC) is a secular, apolitical and not for profit organization which was established in 1979 by late Shri.K.S. Radhakrishna - a follower of Great Mahatma Gandhi’s values and ideologies and a well known social worker of the yesteryears. This was formed as a forum of activists and young Gandhians who wanted to work to translate the ideology and philosophy of Gandhi. In the initial years, this also provided a platform to the constructive workers and activist of Bhoodan and JP movement. During its thirty years of its existence, the organization has strived to propogate Gandhian thoughts among the masses of the country through its multifaceted interventions.

The organization had functioned as the monitoring and evaluation agency for EZE (now EED) Germany from 1978 to 2003. GPC was instrumental in building the capacities of over 100 organizations and thousands of youths through this partnership that was implemented through a tripartite agreement.